Dead Cells Players on PC Can Now Access Older Versions of the Game with the Legacy Update

Dead Cells Players on PC Can Now Access Older Versions of the Game with the Legacy Update

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Dead Cells, the hit metroidvania roguelike from 2018, has received a sizable new update today and it grants players access to previous iterations of the plentifully patched game.

The Legacy Update is exclusive to players on Steam and also gives players new mutations, re-balancing of several items, and even a Santa skin, which Motion Twin calls "kitsch as hell, as it should certainly be."

“As dedicated as we have been and remain to growing and refining Dead Cells, we’ve heard from select community members mourning the loss of their personal favorite elements from prior builds,” said Joan Blachere, creative director at the game's co-developer Evil Empire. “Our goal with the Legacy Update is to help veteran fans rediscover their favorite moments from Dead Cells’ expansive build archive while letting curious newcomers explore what’s led to the version familiar to them. Giving the gift of time travel while still keeping future updates available to everyone is about as close to a Christmas miracle as we can get.”

The three least-used weapons have also been rebalanced to hopefully inspire more players to give them a try. In addition, a pair of new mutations come to the game in today's free update.

Dead Cells launched on August 7, 2018 simultaneously on Xbox One, PS4, Switch, and PC to rave reviews. It currently boasts an 89 OpenCritic average, giving it a Mighty designation on site. Of a massive pool of 134 reviewers, one of the most-reviewed indies ever seen on OpenCritic, 96% of them recommended Dead Cells for play. The game was lauded for its pitch-perfect controls and combat and its addictive replay loop which teased players to try just one more time every time. Officially dubbed a "roguevania," Dead Cells won many awards in a tough year to do so given that it was dominated by titles like Red Dead Redemption 2 and God of War.

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