Four New Xbox Game Pass Titles Coming Soon Across Console and PC

Four New Xbox Game Pass Titles Coming Soon Across Console and PC

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The first Xbox Game Pass new additions of the new year have been announced. As usual, players on PC and Xbox will get slightly different titles added to their respective libraries, though there is a bit more overlap once again. Here's what to look for and when you can download it.

Coming to Xbox Game Pass for Console and PC

Frostpunk - The only game of the four that will be found in both libraries is Frostpunk, a strategy game set in a dire and wintry post-apocalypse. Keeping your people alive in the tundra of Frostpunk is never advertised as easy, and thus it never is. With DLC on the way that depicts the last autumn of the story universe, before the snowy wasteland became the norm, there's more world-building than usual in this literal world-builder. Frostpunk received great reviews, averaging an 86 from 95 reviewers. It arrives on console Game Pass on January 9. No PC date was specified yet, though typically games coming to both platforms hit them simultaneously.

Coming to Xbox Game Pass for Console

Tekken 7 - Not just the most recent entry in the long-running fighter, Tekken 7 is also a well-regarded sequel, with an OpenCritic 82. It comes to Game Pass for console just days after Tekken 6 was announced for Games with Gold, and with EVO coming up soon, Tekken 7 is another official game of the tournament weekend. With all this Tekken news and the fact that it's been three years since Tekken 7 launched, it may be the case that EVO hosts a reveal for Tekken 8. In that case, it may be worth getting familiar with one of gaming's first fighters. It arrives to Game Pass on January 16.

Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet - Based on the anime, Fatal Bullet tells an original story in the SAO universe with room for players to grow the character they like best. Additional co-op and PVP elements means you won't have to go through it all alone, though not everyone will be an ally. Fatal Bullet does hold the unfavorable distinction of being the worst-reviewed game on this list. It has a 67 from 60 critics, with only 10% of those critics giving it a recommendation.

Coming to Xbox Game Pass for PC

FTL - Though it predates OpenCritic by several years, it's likely you don't need us to tell you how much people have enjoyed FTL over that time. It originally launched in 2012 to great reviews and was later ported to mobile platforms where it earned even higher scores. Still not yet available on any consoles, this "spaceship simulation roguelike-like" remains a staple of many Steam libraries. Like Frostpunk, no exact date was revealed by Xbox but players should expect it this month.

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