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Seven Years After Its Debut, Kentucky Route Zero Will Tell Its Final Act This Month

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After years of waiting, Kentucky Route Zero is coming to a close with its fifth and final act releasing alongside the previously announced console edition on January 28. Annapurna Interactive is publishing the dreamlike point-and-click to Xbox, PS4, Switch, and PC, where its previous four chapters already reside, as the TV Edition of the game.

The TV Edition will also include every "Interlude" the game has released to date, and players on PC who already own the game will immediately gain access to the fifth and final chapter when it arrives elsewhere on January 28.

You can check out a trailer for this new and final edition of the Lynchian tale below.

Kentucky Route Zero comes from developer Cardboard Computer, a three-person team collaborating remotely across the US. The game's debut act arrived in 2013, with subsequent acts two through four coming annually with the exception of 2015. It'll have been four years since Act IV launched by the time its finale arrives later this month.

Kentucky Route Zero has received high praise since its inception, and each act has been more favored than its predecessor. Its most recent act, though not reviewed by many critics on OpenCritic, impressed every one of them. From seven reviewers, the game holds a "Mighty" 90 average and a recommendation percentage of a perfect 100.

Annapurna Interactive, to its credit, has not yet published a game that wasn't at least well-reviewed, and in many cases their portfolio represents some of the best games of the past several years, including What Remains of Edith Finch, Outer Wilds, and Sayonara Wild Hearts which today all hold Mighty scores of 88, 86, and 85 respectively. It's partly for that reason -- as well as its own established merits through four acts -- that many players eagerly await the final act of KRZ.

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