A Final Fantasy XV Mobile MMORPG is On the Way

A Final Fantasy XV Mobile MMORPG is On the Way

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Final Fantasy XV is once again making its way into the mobile market.

According to Kotaku, the upcoming mobile MMORPG, simply called Final Fantasy XV Mobile, is being developed by South Korean developer JSC Games and Chinese developer GAEA Mobile. The game will be published by Shanghai Oriental Pearl Group. The title is being developed with the Unreal 4 engine, and has been in the works for some time now. Since the game's announcement in 2017, its scope has widened into a full-scale MMORPG with large-scale multiplayer features. The game will be released in China first, with a planned global release at a later date. A trailer is expected during the first half of this year, along with a solid release date.

Final Fantasy XV Mobile will be set in a parallel world that takes place right after Noctis begins his journey. The story sets players on a journey to save the world from a menacing threat. The game will feature new areas to explore, such as giant continents that are floating in the sky. The developers of the game hope to bring the original's flashy action and graphics to mobile platforms with touch-based controls.

This is not the first time that Final Fantasy XV has come to the mobile market. The first mobile spin-off for the game was subtitled A New Empire, and was a free-to-play strategy game that released in 2017. The year after, Square Enix released Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition. Pocket Edition was a mobile title that recreated the original game, with a few noticable changes, such as a new chibi art style. This edition was so popular that it eventually was ported over to the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. Final Fantasy XV is also receiving a novel this June entitled Final Fantasy XV: The Dawn of the Future.

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