13 Years Later, There's a New Fastest 1,000 Gamerscore Xbox Game

13 Years Later, There's a New Fastest 1,000 Gamerscore Xbox Game

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In the Xbox achievement hunting community, there's long been one game that's sat atop the throne of the easiest games in which players can earn every achievement. That game is Avatar: The Last Airbender - The Burning Earth, a 2007 tie-in to the Nick show that launched across a multitude of platforms such as Xbox 360, Wii, and even Game Boy Advance. The game came in the early days of gamerscore when developers didn't know how best to implement achievement lists, and in turn, players could unlock all 1,000 gamerscore (the Xbox equivalent of a PlayStation platinum trophy) in about five minutes.

13 years later, Avatar has been dethroned as the most generous game for achievements ever made. As discovered first by a user on the achievement hunting community site, TrueAchievements, the 2015 indie Rememoried, made by a single developer, can gift players all 1,000 of its gamerscore in under two minutes, though this exploit was found only recently, nearly three years on from the game's quiet port to Xbox.

To earn all achievements, players start a game and swiftly mash the chapter skip button until they hit the end credits. Along the way, the game's chapter-related achievements unlock as if you played them anyway. It's worth noting that that full game, should you decide not to use the exploit, only takes about 15 minutes anyway, so it was already easy, but it now replaces Avatar as the crown-bearer for the fastest achievement list completion in the history of Xbox. Two players recorded on TA have already completed the list in under two minutes, with the record currently set at a blazing 88 seconds.

If you're an achievement hunter reading this, take note that Rememoried is regularly on sale, so if you're just in it for the gamerscore, it may be worth waiting for the game's $14.99 price tag to drop again. If you're not in it just for the gamerscore, reviews on OpenCritic suggest maybe you should be. From seven reviewers, it maintains a "Fair" 66 average, but it's only been recommended by one of those seven reviewers.

Gamerscore Devaluation?

Xbox One's achievement lists have regularly been "devalued" according to some, thanks to a consistent stream of indies that are seemingly sold just to appeal to achievement hunters who want a quick fix. Some publishers, most prominently Ratalaika and Sometimes You, have made a living out of doing just that, with each publisher releasing several games per month whose achievement lists can be completed in under an hour and often as fast as 15 minutes. Some critics of this practice decry the perceived devaluation of gamerscore, while other players enjoy the ability to quickly boost their gamerscore without a big time commitment.

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