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Big Changes Are Being Made to the Resident Evil 3 Remake

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Resident Evil 3 is being modernized this April, which means that changes are being made.

One of the big changes coming to the Resident Evil 3 remake is the lack of multiple endings. In an Official PlayStation Magazine interview with producer Peter Fabiano (via PlayStation LifeStyle), it was revealed that the multiple endings from the original 1999 version are out. It is unknown how this will affect the game's story, as no more information was shared on the matter.

Another big change the removal of Mercenaries mode. In the original game, this mode was unlocked by beating the game, and let players take the role of UBCS soldiers who are trying to save lives and eradicate zombies. Mercenaries may have been removed due to the fact that Resident Evil 3 will feature a new asymmetrical multiplayer mode, Resident Evil Resistance.

It was also revealed that Carlos Oliveira will have a bigger presence in the upcoming remake. According to Fabiano, Carlos will have his own section to play through and will play a bigger part. In the 1999 version, Carlos' would overlap into Jill's story, but it seems that we will see more of his part in the game's plot in the remake. It is again unknown what impact that this will have on the story of the game.

Fabiano also stated that Resident Evil 3 will not be open world, but that it will feature more open spaces. The game will emphasize more on exploration, with a focus on audio, which should help with the interactions with the game's antagonist, Nemesis. Fabiano explained that there will be areas that players can explore more than the original, but that they will not know what might lurk around the corner. Fabiano warned that Nemesis will be more deadly this time around due to a more sophisticated AI. According to the producer, Nemesis will have "his own brand of terror," and will be a relentless pursuer who can utilize weapons. This relentlessness will help make him more frightening, and players will never know when or where he might show up. The developers are working to make sure that the sound design adds to the feeling of tension that he will cause.

Resident Evil 3 will release for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on April 3rd.

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