Bloodborne Modders Recover A Boss That Was Originally Cut From the Game

Bloodborne Modders Recover A Boss That Was Originally Cut From the Game

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Modders have discovered a boss in Bloodborne that was originally cut from the game.

Modder Foxy Hooligans found a boss based off of the Loran Cleric enemy. In the mod, the boss looks much like the standard enemy version, but is on a different level in terms of difficulty. The Loran Cleric was meant to be found at the end of the Loran Chalice Dungeon, which is a late-game dungeon where the Loran Cleric enemy can be found.

The Loran Cleric boss does not work perfectly in the video that Foxy Hooligans released (seen below). The enemy does not move around the arena that it is fought in, though it does spin around to face the player. Regardless, the Loran Cleric does retain its moves, which include a flame wave that shoots from the boss, Foxy Hooligans manages to defeat the boss, despite the multiple frame-rate drops that occur throughout the fight. In order to fight the boss, Foxy Hooligans used a jailbroken PlayStation 4 and DSTools modding tools by katalash in order to rebuild the encounter.

This is not the only content that was found in Bloodborne's coding to be discovered by modders and dataminers. Last year, extra content that revolved around Annalise the Vileblood Queen was uncovered by Souls dataminer Lance McDonald (via DualShockers). McDonald found unused lines for the character, which are spoken by a different voice actress than what is heard in the original game.

Another bit of unused content revolves around Father Gascoigne, the first mandatory boss of Bloodborne. Found once again by Lance McDonald, it was shown that Father Gascoigne originally fought alonside the player as an NPC companion. He was supposed to be found on the Great Bridge taking on enemies. After helping him, he sticks by the player's side, speaking unused dialogue and helping defeat enemies. It is not known if Father Gascoigne was limited to helping the player in a specific area, or if he was supposed to stick by the player's side until the boss fight. This unused content shows that From Software had a lot of ideas and concepts in mind while making the game that did not make the original cut, yet was in the game far enough into development to still be contained within the game's code.

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