Disintegration, the MOBA-Shooter Hybrid from Halo's Co-creator, Gets Technical Beta Next Week

Disintegration, the MOBA-Shooter Hybrid from Halo's Co-creator, Gets Technical Beta Next Week

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Disintegration is getting an open beta next week for its multiplayer suite. The title, which blends elements of MOBAs and shooters, will be available on PC, Xbox One, and PS4, and so too will its Closed Technical Beta. You can sign up to join here before it runs January 28-30. Players who don't join the first beta can also partake in an Open Beta period that runs an additional two days, January 31-February 1.

Disintegration comes from new studio V1 Interactive, which includes Halo's co-creator Marcus Lehto. In it, players face off in 5v5 multiplayer matches that combine elements of first-person shooters and the lane defense tactics of MOBAs. Several classes of playable characters are available to choose from, as well as several different teams, fitted with their own logos and color schemes like a kind of futuristic bloodsport.

In Disintegration, all players remain on gravcycles, flying weaponized vehicles, and compete in a variety of game modes. In the beta, two modes and two maps will be available to players. In addition to the multiplayer modes in the final game, V1 Interactive promises a full story campaign is on the way too. Here's how the team described the campaign:

"Set on Earth in a not-so-distant future where humanity’s last chance of survival is to replace their bodies with robotic armatures, the single player campaign focuses on Romer Shoal’s story and his fight against the Rayonne to regain his humanity."

V1 also stressed that this Techincal Beta is a beta in its truest sense. It's not to be conflated with the many betas as of late that come so near a game's launch and offer so few bugs to report that the beta appears to be little more than a marketing tool to get players invested. Instead, V1 says, players should expect "bugs, frame rate issues, or other odd behavior" and they hope participating players will provide feedback to the team so they can iron out those wrinkles before the game launches later in 2020.

You can sign up for the Closed Beta and learn more about recommended specs at the game's website.

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