Bloober Team is Teasing a Sequel to Their Cyberpunk Horror Observer

Bloober Team is Teasing a Sequel to Their Cyberpunk Horror Observer

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Bloober Team, the indie studio most famous for their Layers of Fear series, seems to be teasing a sequel to one of their other horror franchises, Observer. A tweet this morning sent out by the team includes enough hints to all but confirm something new in the series is on the way. In the game's customary computer-like display, the tweet said the following:

">new_incoming_call_>sig: ch120n 1nc02p02473d_#cyberpunk #blooberteam #horrorgame"

With it came some binary code hidden among a glitchy gif that reads "incoming call." One fan in the tweet's replies partially translated the binary and discovered it says "Daniel, are you there?" Daniel Lazarski is the protagonist of Observer. Fittingly, the cyberpunk game's protagonist is portrayed by Rutger Hauer, who also appeared in the genre's foremost fiction, Blade Runner.

It makes sense for Bloober Team to work on a sequel to Observer now for multiple reasons. For one, cyberpunk games are obviously in right now, even as the year's biggest title, Cyberpunk 2077, was recently delayed until September. Also, Bloober Team has already put out a sequel and a VR mode for its debut hit series, Layers of Fear. Following a modestly successful launch of their Blair Witch adaptation last summer, Bloober Team likely has a few projects in development and it seems they're gearing up to officially unveil the first of that next wave.

Observer earned "Strong" marks from 92 critics on OpenCritic when it originally launched on Xbox One, PS4, and PC in August 2017. Last February, it made its debut on Nintendo Switch. It currently sits with a 78 average and has been recommended by 68% of its reviewers. That makes it the studio's highest scoring game in their relatively brief history as each of their games since their inception have averaged between a 69 and 74 except for Observer.

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