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Konami Addresses Silent Hill Rumors: "We are listening"

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In case you missed it, rumors began circulating last week from a number of sources that indicated Konami may have revitalized the Silent Hill IP in one or a number of ways.

First it was reliable Resident Evil leaker AestheticGamer, sometimes known as Dusk Golem, who reported that not one but two Silent Hill games are in the works. Well-connected horror gaming site, RelyOnHorror, reported on these rumors and corroborated them with their own similar report of the franchise making a return.

As the internet began speculating, Konami responded to the claims which were covered by Eurogamer, saying a bit more than the typical "no comment" with which these stories usually end.

"We cannot share anything at this point," said a Konami spokesperson to the outlet, "but we are listening to customer feedback and considering ways to provide the next title."

It's not much, but given Konami's recent track record of apparently dwindling interest in making games at all, the non-committal reply may actually sound hopeful to many ears. Recent output from the once-busy publisher has been limited to the popular soccer sim, PES, and Metal Gear Survive, the post-Kojima survival take on Konami's beloved franchise. While PES remains a critical success annually, Metal Gear Survive didn't fare well, garnering just a 60 average from 108 critics. Only 15% of those critics recommended the game.

As for Silent Hill, the series hasn't seen a new title since 2012 when Konami published two games in the series, the console title Silent Hill: Downpour and the PS Vita-exclusive Silent Hill: Book of Memories. The former was a middling take on the series and felt a bit foreign, including a new composer for the first time in the late Daniel Licht. The latter title went well off course of what a Silent Hill game was known to be and offered instead a strange co-op experience that didn't seem too interested in the franchise's lore.

Since the cancellation of Kojima's Silent Hills, we haven't heard anything about the series, but maybe there is a light at the end of this tunnel after all.

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