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Apex Legends Season 4 Is Here with a New Hero, a Map Makeover, and More

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Apex Legends season 4 begins today, February 4, and comes as a free update for all players. The update remakes the game's map to reflect the lore upon which Apex Legends is built. The hero shooter-battle royale hybrid also adds a new Battle Pass including several new skins among other cosmetics, a new hero, a new weapon, and more. You can see it all in action in the gameplay reveal trailer.

Apex Legends season 4 is nicknamed "Assimilation" and stars its very own killer cyborg at a time when The Terminator seems to be popping up in many games. Like The Terminator, Revenant is a robot-human hybrid with a hit list and will stop at nothing to eliminate its target. In last week's launch trailer for the new season, a stylish cinematic showed Revenant infiltrating (see: crashing through the window) and taking out a number of guards before killing a man and his wife as their young daughter escapes.

It's believed by data miners that this young girl is Rosie, a future hero whose presence in the game was leaked ahead of schedule. Yes, the lore in this game really goes this deep.

Apex Legends season four is available as of today and free for all players. You can also elect to buy into the Battle Pass to unlock more cosmetics like character skins, weapon skins, voice lines, and more.

Apex Legends released one year ago to the day, February 4, 2019, following absolutely no pre-release press. It was a surprise drop that merely managed to leak at the last minute and that surprise came at what could be considered the battle royale genre's highest peak. Given that it comes from Respawn who can do no wrong as of late, the game has naturally been a hit, even briefly usurping Fortnite before settling into one of the top 10 games played on any platform that carries it.

On OpenCritic, the game today sports a "Mighty" 86 average from 61 reviewers.

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