Borderlands 3 Is Getting A Level Cap Increase

Borderlands 3 Is Getting A Level Cap Increase

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A patch will release for Borderlands 3 later this week, and will include a level cap increase.

A new patch will release for Borderlands 3 on February 13th. The patch will come with a number of additions, including a new level cap. Players will now be able to go from level 50 to level 53. This will give them three additional skill points to further enhance their characters. There will be the addition of True Takedown Mode for Takedowns, This is the hardest mode that players can experience in Takedowns, and is meant for a full party of four decked-out Vault Hunters. Cutscenes will be skippable in both solo play or by the host of the party during multiplayer whether the cutscene has been seen before or not. Players will also be able to toggle the perks that come with Guardian Ranks. Players will be able to either disable certain perks, or turn the system off entirely. Finally, players will be able to opt-out of ongoing events if they do not feel like participating.

The Borderlands 3 website also gave a hint at what is coming to the game in March. This includes improvements for Fight For Your Life, and changes for Mayhem 2.0. You can read more about upcoming features for Borderlands 3 at the game's website.

Also starting this week is Borderlands 3's Broken Hearts Day event. Throughout the event, hearts will show up around enemies. By shooting the hearts, players can earn rewards for the number of targets that they shoot down. Hearts take different forms and will break in different ways. Some will fall to the ground and explode, drop loot, or turn enemies into allies. By shooting down ten hearts, players will earn a new ECHO Skin, while 25 hearts nets players a new Weapon Trinket. Shooting 50 hearts rewards players with a Legendary SMG. Taking down 75 hearts will give gamers a new Vault Hunter Skin. Finally, 100 hearts will land players a Legendary Sniper Rifle.

The Broken Hearts Day event will begin on February 13th at 3:00 p.m. PST, and will end on February 20th at 8:59 p.m. PST.

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