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The Next Sea of Thieves Update Includes Its Most Dangerous Treasure Yet

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Sea of Thieves' February update is called Crews of Rage and it launches next week. Although we'll need to wait a week before we find out the full details of the update, Rare has teased some of the changes in this week's developer video, including a new and highly flammable cursed chest.

The Chest of Rage slowly rises in temperature until, if left unattended, it eventually explodes, engulfing everything nearby in flames. Yes, that will often include pirate ships. Like other cursed chests, it's said to be worth the hassle, but be careful. You can't simply sit the chest in a shallow pool of water to cool it, as that will instead heat the water and harm you should you approach it.

Instead, pirates are encouraged to regularly splash water on it like Merchant Alliance plants, only instead of keeping it hydrated, you're keeping it cooled off so it doesn't light your entire life on fire. You can even hasten the combustion process when the timing is right, like sneaking it onto an enemy ship, shooting it, and watching the fireworks.

There will be more to learn about Crews of Rage, and it's safe to expect some commendations for delivering these chests to outposts - and to unwitting pirates.

Along with that new content comes a new store option at the Pirate Emporium. The Pirate Appearance Potion will finally allow players to pick a new physical appearance for their pirates. Players have wanted this feature for some time and Rare is once and for all allowing players to change up their swashbucklers, though only for a small fee of 149 Ancient Coins, or $1.49.

Other changes will surely be coming with the update too, but we won't have the full details and patch notes until next Wednesday when Crews of Rage goes live on Sea of Thieves.

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