The Switch Port of Devil May Cry 3 Will Support Local Co-op

The Switch Port of Devil May Cry 3 Will Support Local Co-op

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Local co-op is coming to Devil May Cry 3.

It has been announced that the Nintendo Switch port of Devil May Cry 3 will support local co-op in the Bloody Palace mode. The announcement was made on Twitter, and will be the final announcement of new features before the game releases later this month. In the Bloody Palace mode, gamers will play as either Dante or Virgil. Players will be able to use any configuration of Joy-Cons or Pro Controllers, with different profiles that can be assigned and saved for any player.

Local co-op is just one of the new features coming to Devil May Cry 3 on Switch. The port will feature a new Style change feature. This will allow Dante to cycle through his styles on the fly. Originally, players had to choose one style between missions or at Divinity Statues. Players will also be able to cycle through all their weapons at will. Originally, players were limited to being able to switch between two melee weapons and two ranged weapons. Now. gamers will be able to cycle through all of the weapons that they have unlocked. Both of these new features will allow players to string even greater combos then before, and will change how the game can be played when compared to the original version.

A week ahead of the release of Devil May Cry 3 on the Switch it has been revealed that Devil May Cry 5 is the best selling entry in the franchise. The game has sold 3.1 million copies nearly one year after launching. This beats out Devil May Cry 4, which has sold 3 million copies since it debuted. Despite being a fan-favorite of the series, Devil May Cry 3 is on the lower end in terms of copies sold. That may change when the game releases on the Switch.

Devil May Cry 3 will release on the Nintendo Switch on February 20th. It will be available on the eShop for $19.99.

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