Resident Evil 3 Demo Is Coming Soon

Resident Evil 3 Demo Is Coming Soon

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Resident Evil 3 will receive a playable demo ahead of launch, Capcom announced. On Twitter, the account for the complete Resident Evil franchise cheekily revealed the news, but provided few other details.

"It was written in the STARS... A Resident Evil 3 Demo is on the way. We'll have more details in the near future!"

That use of "soon" is confusing, as the game is less than six weeks out from its April 3 launch, so it could come as early as any day now or we may still be quite a ways away. The series has remained one of the few to consistently utilize playable demos as of late, while most of the industry has abandoned the practice as it has favored giving early access to press or influencers instead of the general public.

Resident Evil, however, has recently featured demos for Resident Evil 7 and Resident Evil 2. We don't yet know if the demo will include access to just the single-player content or if players will access some sort of play test for the game's included multiplayer mode, Resident Evil Resistance. The 4v1 asymmetrical horror game was announced to be included on disc (or download) with Resident Evil 3 when the game was revealed last December during State of Play.

It's likely we'll at least get our first look at the campaign, though like it did with the Resident Evil 2 demo and Mr. X, we would strongly suspect Capcom to hold off on letting players feel the thrill of Nemesis bearing down on them until the game is released in full on April 3.

Expectations are high after the last several Resident Evil games have been so well-received. Resident Evil 2 was, in fact, the highest rated game of 2019 on OpenCritic with its 92 average. Players are surely hoping the REnaissance continues.

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