Supermassive Games Teasing Its Next Horror Game in The Dark Pictures Anthology

Supermassive Games Teasing Its Next Horror Game in The Dark Pictures Anthology

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Bandai Namco and Supermassive Games has begun publicly marketing Little Hope, its second of multiple announced projects in The Dark Pictures horror anthology from the creators of cult hit Until Dawn.

Last August, players who saw through to the end of the series' debut, Man of Medan, were teased with a Marvel-like post-credits stinger that revealed some of the early details of Little Hope, the series' next game. Now the company is finally talking about that title publicly and even shared a new trailer comprised of critic and streamer accolades for the project followed by the original post-credits teaser trailer.

If you haven't played Man of Medan or otherwise missed the stinger, this new trailer does well to introduce its world without spoiling too much for Little Hope. It does, however, show off a lot of gameplay for Man of Medan, and even though the game has many branching, possible outcomes, you may not like seeing as many as this traielr reveals. If you'd rather only see the Little Hope teaser, skip to 2:05 in the trailer.

Man of Medan wasn't a huge hit when it arrived late last summer. Its OpenCritic average is a "Fair" 71 but critics were all over the map with their assessments, with 42% recommending the game. As a story, it generally was perceived to have fallen short of Until Dawn's writing and characters, though critics did appreciate some of the innovations from the studio, such as offline or online co-op modes where people swapped controllers and took on assigned roles. This consistently led to moments where players may be forced to sacrifice their co-op partners' characters' well-being in exchange for their own.

The Little Hope trailer looks to focus on a town of the same name with a dark history of what seems like witchcraft. No release date has been set in stone yet, but it's due out this year.

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