Final Fantasy 7 Demo Arrives on PS4 as Square Enix Begins to Focus on Second Episode

Final Fantasy 7 Demo Arrives on PS4 as Square Enix Begins to Focus on Second Episode

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Final Fantasy 7 Remake has received its previously announced demo on PS4 today, giving players a chance to explore Midgar and take in the renewed sights and sounds of Square Enix's ambitious multi-episode project. The demo is of course free and you'll need just under 8 GB of hard drive space to store the game on your console.

In related news, Square Enix is now shifting the bulk of its resources to the second episode of Final Fantasy 7 Remake. The news comes via Trusted Reviews which reported from a recent event at which series producer Yoshinori Kitase spoke of the progress the company is making, including his team's transition to episode two.

“This game will depict the story from the beginning of Final Fantasy 7 to the point where the team has escaped from Midgar. So you’ll see the rest of the story in the future, and now we’re approaching the release of the first game, we’re in a position to concentrate our efforts on development of the second.”

Kitase also touched on the first game's already ambitious scope, and its hard drive-eating 100 GB download size spread across two Blu-ray discs for physical buyers. "We go beyond the story of the original Final Fantasy 7 in the remake, delving deeper into the characters, the story and the setting like we never have before," said the producer, "This means we’re looking at an equivalent in gameplay volume to any other numbered Final Fantasy game. We haven’t had to cut down or cut back on any of the things people loved about the original."

There's no release date for the second episode just yet and Square Enix has not said how many episodes the remake project will eventually entail, but we do know this premiere episode debuts next month on April 10, where it will be exclusive to PS4 for one year before heading to other platforms in 2021.

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