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Pokemon Go's March Events Have Been Announced

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We now know what to expect from Pokemon Go in the month of March.

Developer Niantic has revealed what events trainers can take part of in Pokemon Go this month. For those who have completed the most recent set of Team GO Rocket Special Research, a new Team Rocket Special Research questline called The Shadowy Threat Grows will be accessible. The questline culminates in a battle with Team Rocket Leader Giovanni. Those who beat him will have the chance to rescue the Shadow Legendary Pokemon Entei. The Shadowy Threat grows will be available throughout the month. There will also be a new batch of Field Research tasks, along with an new Research Breakthrough reward. Every time a player achieves a research Breakthrough this month, they will encounter a Ferroseed. They will also receive bonus Stardust as a reward.

Throughout March, players will be able to challenge the Legendary Pokemon Thundurus in five-star Raid Battles. Thundurus is a dual Electric / Flying type, so trainers will want to bring Rock and Ice type Pokemon with them to the battle. Every weekend in March, there will be a Legendary Pokemon available in five-star Raids. These Pokemon may be shiny, and may know an event-specific move. March 6-9 will feature Darkrai, March 13-16 will be Altered Form Giratina, March 20-23 will be Cobalion (knows Sacred Sword), and March 27-30 will feature Lugia (knows Aeroblast).

Starting on Friday, March 6th, a Team Rocket takeover event will kick off. During that weekend, Dark and Poison Pokemon will appear in the wild more often, and trainers will have their first chance to encounter shiny Skorupi. There will be a surge in Team Rocket activity on March 7th. During that day, more PokeStops will be taken over by Team Rocket, with an increased chance at encountering Team Rocket leaders Sierra, Cliff, Arlo, and Giovanni, who may have a shiny Shadow Pokemon. Players will earn twice the amount of Stardust when defeating Team Rocket members.

March 20-23 will be a "mysterious" weekend event. During the weekend, Normal, Fire, Water, Electric, and Ice-type Pokemon will appear in the wild more often. Players will have the chance to find Nincada in the wild or hatch it from 5 km eggs, with a chance of the Pokemon being shiny. Shelmet and Karrablast will hatch more frequently from 5 km eggs, and Bug and Steel Pokemon will appear as Raid bosses. Trainers will earn twice the amount of Stardust for catching and hatching Pokemon, and will be able to experience a new Special Research story quest.

Finally, the Psychic Spectacular event will be held from March 27-30. Psychic Pokemon will appear more often in the wild, with the chance of encountering new Psychic Pokemon, including Solosis and Gothita. Trainers may run into a shiny Baltoy, and can take part on special Field Research tasks during the event.

Niantic has noted that in-game events for March may vary in Italy, Japan, and South Korea due to coronavirus concerns.

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