Red Dead Online Patch Notes: Free Treasure Map and Boosts for Moonshiners

Red Dead Online Patch Notes: Free Treasure Map and Boosts for Moonshiners

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This week's Red Dead Online patch shifts the rewards to Moonshiners, the newest of the in-game Roles for wanna be westerners. As each of the past few weeks has given 50% bonuses to other roles, this week it's time for the booze-brewers of the wild west to get their gifts.

Moonshiners will receive the same 50% increase to all Role XP for Moonshiner Sell, Story and Bootlegger missions. Those missions are accessed by players talking to Maggie and Marcel in their moonshine shack.With just one week to go before Outlaw Pass 2 comes to a close, Rockstar is also giving last-minute buyers incentive to buy into the seasonal cosmetic rewards by giving anyone the first 10 ranks for free.

In the store, the Wheeler Rawlson and Co. catalogue gets new weekly discounts today. Arabian horses are down 25% in price if you need a new mount. All vests and bandoliers are off by 30%, meaning you can pack a lot of ammo and look good doing it. For the more outdoorsy types, the hunting bow and fishing rods are off by 40%.Ongoing Twitch Prime and PlayStation Plus offers are still available too.

On Twitch, you can net the Collector's Bag, Polished Copper Moonshine Still, and five ranks of the Moonshiner Role. For those with PS Plus, log in anytime between now and June 1 to receive three ability cards of their choosing, free of charge. In both cases, rewards will appear within 48 hours of claiming them.All signs point to next week's update bringing with it a new Outlaw Pass, though Rockstar has tended to save that information for the day of the updates, so we shouldn't expect to hear anything on it until then.

As for today's patch, it's now available and depending on your settings, may have already downloaded automatically.

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