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Generation Zero Gets Major Anniversary Update Today

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Generation Zero, the co-op open-world survival game about a robot uprising, has received a major update today with its anniversary patch. The patch hits PC first and is expected to hit consoles no later than the game's true first anniversary of March 26.

The developers at Sweden's Avalanche released the lengthy patch notes which take into account a great number of fan-requested fixes and changes, including inventory management, difficulty options, and brand new crafting tables. 

With crafting, Avalanche says its starting small and will build on it as the game goes on. With this patch, players can craft new bonus stats to their clothing, which was previously a randomized system. Schematics and materials can all now be found out in the world and brought to various crafting tables. You can also recycle old equipment to turn it into some needed parts.

Inventory has also been given a major overhaul. The UI experience of inventory is now cleaner and better organized than the clunk Resident Evil-like system that was there before. Item weights now take the place of item counts, so you can stack more of the same item on top of each other, freeing up space in the system. 

Avalanche says it continues to "revamp" the world with new scenes, more named locations, and a better intro the the Archipelago region.  Difficulty options are now three-pronged with easy, medium, and hard modes available to suit different players. 

Many of these addressed issues are precisely what led the game to receive low review scores a year ago (OpenCritic 49), and though the studio has continually put out nearly monthly patches, this latest patch should be the one that reels some players back in who were waiting for precisely these fixes. 

The studio also promises some surprises are in store this week in the run-up to the game's one-year anniversary on March 26. Some bug fixes and mission updates were included in the patch as well. You can find the full notes from the game's website. The anniversary patch is out now for PC and should arrive this week for Xbox One and PS4.


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