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The Open Beta For Resident Evil: Resistance Has Been Delayed on PC and PS4

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Those who want to try Resident Evil: Resistance on PC and PlayStation 4 are going to have to wait. 

On the game's official website, Capcom announced that the beta for Resident Evil: Resistance has been delayed on PC and PlayStation 4. According to the developer, the beta was delayed "due to some technical issues." No explanation of what these issues are were not given. The developer stated that they "are working to resolve the issue as quickly as possible and will keep you updated on its availability." Capcom then apologized for the delay. 

The beta has not been delayed on the Xbox One, and is currently live. The beta for the console is expected to run until 3 a.m. EST on Friday, April 3rd. 

Resident Evil: Resistance is an asymmetrical multiplayer mode that is coming packaged with Resident Evil 3. The game has four players take on the role of survivors as they try to escape from a Mastermind that is controlled by another player. The Mastermind is able to set traps and summon enemies for the survivors to play against. The Mastermind can also take direct control of some monsters. There are a number of different Masterminds, all of whom have different obstacles that they can throw at survivors. 

A demo for Resident Evil 3 is available now. Unlike the demo for the remake of Resident Evil 2, the Resident Evil 3 demo can be played more than once, and does not contain any time restrictions. It was recently revealed that the knife will not break in the upcoming remake, allowing players to do knife-only runs. Capcom has stated that the Resident Evil 3 development team have already tried beating the game with only a knife, and have proven that it is possible. 

Resident Evil 3 will release for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on April 3rd. 

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