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Pokemon GO Players Will Be Able to Do Raids From Home

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Players will soon be able to take on Raids in Pokemon GO without leaving their homes. 

On their blog, Pokemon GO developer Niantic stated that gamers will be able to take on Raids without having to go outside. According to the post, players will soon "be able to team up with friends and take on Raid Battles together in Pokemon GO from the comfort of home." This will give players access to rare Pokemon without having to go outside, and is one of the recent measures that Niantic has taken in order to keep their players safe. 

Niantic has also enacted a few other changes in order to keep gamers indoors. Players will now be able to track their steps indoors with Adventure Sync. This makes it so indoor activities such as doing chores and running on a treadmill will count towards Pokemon GO's step goals. Players will also be able to virtually visit their favorite real-world places. Gamers will be able to share memories about these places until they are able to visit them in person once again. 

It was also announced that Niantic was working on a new way to enjoy the Pokemon GO Fest this summer. The developer is making it possible for players to enjoy the event while still in their homes. Niantic stated that more details are on the way. 

Finally, an new form of gameplay in Pokemon GO called GO Battle League was launched. This allows gamers to play anywhere, including home. The walking requirements for GO Battle League have been reduced from 3 km to zero. Players' storage has been expanded, allowing them to send and receive more gifts. 

Since earlier this month, Niantic has been implementing measures in Pokemon GO that will gamers to play at home and practice safe social distancing. Incense packs are being sold at a 99% discount, and will last an hour instead of 30 minutes. Eggs will now hatch twice as fast, and PokeStops will drop gifts with more frequency. The Abra Community Day had been postponed in order to help players stay home. Pokemon are also showing up at a greater rate to help players stay at home as much as possible. 

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