The Outer Worlds Lands on Switch in June

The Outer Worlds Lands on Switch in June

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Following its delay earlier this year, The Outer Worlds has received a new launch date for its Nintendo Switch debut. Obsidian's award-winning role-playing game will now arrive on June 5 in both physical and digital versions. Before the delay, a physical launch was not planned, but the extra time in the studio also allowed for a cartridge version of the game for those who still collect physical media.

A 6 GB day one patch will greet players no matter which version they play, and it'll include high resolution textures and "various optimizations." The game will launch at full retail price, $59.99.

The Outer Worlds released on Xbox One, PS4, and Epic Games Store last fall and quickly earned high praise from critics and players alike. From 160 critics, 90% of them recommended the game for play, giving the game a "Mighty" score of 85 on OpenCritic. 

During the run-up to launch, Obsidian was acquired by Microsoft to join the fold as one of the newest Xbox Game Studios. That's left Take-Two's Private Division label with many accolades for now, but as the game seems destined for sequels, it seems the future of The Outer Worlds may be exclusive to Xbox. However, Xbox has shown a willingness to bring its first- and second-party games to other platforms, like Ori and the Blind Forest on Switch and Minecraft on, well, everything. 

We're likely years away from any possible sequel to The Outer Worlds, but for now it's pretty cool to be able to take an expansive RPG on the go with the Switch. 


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