Saints Row: The Third Remastered Outed By ESRB Rating

Saints Row: The Third Remastered Outed By ESRB Rating

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Saints Row: The Third is getting remastered according to a recent ESRB listing. The ESRB is the United States' games ratings board, and a frequent provider of leaked video game reveals. 

The listing on the ESRB website naturally qualifies the game as rated M for mature audiences at least 17 years old. That's to be expected from a game such as Saints Row, which lets players run around naked, shoot up the entire city, and run down pedestrians, though the actual details given to the game's rating are pretty funny when put so plainly as they are in the ESRB's description. See for yourself:

This is an open-world action-adventure game in which players assume the role of a criminal syndicate known as the Saints. As players attempt to take over a fictional city and exact revenge on a rival gang, they engage in driving and combat missions to progress the storyline. Players use machine guns, shotguns, swords, rocket launchers, and grenades to kill rival gang members. Players can also attack pedestrians, and in one mission, players shoot at police and civilians to create chaos in a rival gang's territory. One scene prompts players to run over a certain number of pedestrians within a given time; another sequence allows players to dispatch enemies by putting grenades in their mouths. Players can also use chainsaws to hack at enemies, resulting in small chunks of flesh and large splatters of blood. Damage from certain guns can result in decapitation. During the course of the game, female characters are sometimes depicted in outfits that reveal large amounts of their breasts/cleavage or buttocks; characters are occasionally depicted nude, though their nipples and/or genitalia are obscured by blurry pixels. In one sequence, players can walk through an erotic club containing several phallic sex toys and sexual contraptions. Some game environments and dialogue contain drug paraphernalia or other references to drugs (e.g., marijuana leaves and water bongs on a table; a radio DJ telling a caller to try heroin). The words “f**k,” “sh*t,” and “c*ck” appear in the dialogue.

The game has not yet been revealed by Volition or publisher Deep Silver, but given that Saints Row: The Third is often regarded as the best game in the series and parent company Koch Media has been quite willing to remaster its recently acquired properties once owned by the now defunct THQ, it all adds up to this listing being very real. We'd expect to hear something official about the game soon.

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