No Man's Sky Gets Mech Suits in Latest Update

No Man's Sky Gets Mech Suits in Latest Update

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No Man's Sky continues to deliver on its promises once deemed unfulfilled with a new patch today that introduces piloted mech suits to the game. 

The Minotaur Heavy Exosuit Hybrid, or Minotaur for short, is a piloted mech suit that joins a growing list of transport modes within the infinite skies of Hello Games' procedurally generated world. The Minotaur blueprints can be acquired at Iteration: Perses on the Space Anomaly, while the plans for the Minotaur Geobay can be found at the Construction Research Station aboard the Space Anomaly. The mech comes with its own unique upgrade tree, and players can purchase new upgrades at any exocraft merchant store aboard any space station.

The mech is the highlight of a much longer list of patch notes which focuses largely on improving several other gameplay elements of exocrafts. The new Icarus Fuel System is an exocraft upgrade that recharges the engine during daylight hours, letting players have to worry less about refueling so often. New decal options are also available to customize your exocrafts. The Roamer, Nomad, and Pilgrim have each been given base speed increases too.

The complete patch notes also add quality of life changes for base-building, graphical improvements and new options for PC players specifically, and over a dozen bug fixes. You can view the complete Exo Mech Update patch notes at the game's official website. 

There's no telling when No Man's Sky is set to receive another big update like this as Hello Games has adopted a heads-down policy where they surprirse-launch major updates like this quite regularly as a reaction to the game's now seemingly distant problems during pre-release where players, sometimes rightfully, expected more than Hello Games could deliver. 

In the four years since No Man's Sky has launched, the game has become a signature example of what a live-service game can become with the right amount of patience and properly aligned expectations. 


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