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Pokemon GO is Adding Remote Raid Passes

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Developer Niantic Labs is giving gamers another way to play Pokemon GO while staying at home. 

Pokemon GO is introducing the Remote Raid Pass, which will allow players to participate in any Raid Battles that they see on their Nearby screen or that can be tapped on the map. One Remote Raid Pass will be required to join a raid. Players will be limited on how many Remote Raid Passes that can hold. Twenty trainers can join the same Raid Battle, with a limited number of trainers using a Remote Raid Pass. Raid Battles using a Remote Raid Pass will count towards raid-related research tasks or achievement medals. 

Trainers battling in raids remotely will have the same attack power as those who are battling in person at first. After some time, the attack power of those battling remotely will be reduced. Afterward, those battling in person will have a higher attack power than those battling remotely. 

More adjustments will be coming in the near future. This includes a change in the number of trainers who can join raids remotely, as well as the ability to add friends to raids regardless of their location. 

A one PokeCoin bundle that will feature Remote Raid Passes will be coming to the game's shop. When they launch, Remote Raid Passes will be available to buy individually for 100 PokeCoins. 

A few other changes are coming to Pokemon GO. At midnight every day, players will receive a bonus task without having to spin a PokeStop. The tasks will be different from Field Research tasks that players receive from PokeStops, and will focus on activities that can be completed from home. If a trainer does not have an open Field Research slot, a fourth slot will open for the bonus task. However, if all four slots are filled, players will not receive the bonus task. Buddy Pokemon will be able to go to nearby PokeStops to get gifts for their trainer if they start to run low. Any buddy at any level will be able to go out and get gifts. You can read about the rest of the upcoming changes here

Pokemon GO is available now for Android and iOS mobile devices. 

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