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Pokemon Rumble Rush Will Shut Down This Summer

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Pokemon Rumble Rush is coming to an end this summer.

Serebii is reporting that mobile title Pokemon Rumble Rush is going to be shut down on July 22nd. The game will no longer be downloadable, updated, or played. Players will no longer be able to purchase Poke Diamonds, and will receive a refund for unused Diamonds starting on the game's end date. 

Even though the game is ending in July, a number of events are coming to Pokemon Rumble Rush. A new event, entitled Arceus and the Isle of Myths, has just started, and will go on until May 6th. The event is based around Arceus, and will contain various Pokemon, new gears, and more. An event entitled Greninja and the Wonders of Kalos will begin on May 6th, and will run until May 27th. On May 27th, an update will go live that will add more Pokemon and areas for players to visit.

There will also be two Battle Royale events before Rumble Rush shuts down. The first is the Shaymin Cup, which will run from April 22nd through May 6th. The second is the Zygarde Cup, which will start on May 13th, and will end on May 27th. 

Pokemon Rumble Rush had originally released in July of 2019. Rumble Rush was the fifth game in the Rumble spin-off series. The game had players exploring islands populated by Pokemon. Combat was simple. If players saw an enemy Pokemon, they attacked by just tapping the screen. While exploring the islands and completing stages, players would obtain ore. Players were able to refine ore into gears, which could be used to power up a player's Pokemon. Players could also obtain summon gears that would call forth a powerful Pokemon that would unleash a powerful move. 

Pokemon Rumble Rush is available for Android and iOS devices at the moment, and will no longer be available after July 22nd. 

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