God of War is Celebrating Its Two-Year Anniversary

God of War is Celebrating Its Two-Year Anniversary

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God of War has turned two this year, and Sony wants to celebrate. 

On the PlayStation Blog, Jeff Ketcham of Santa Monica Studios, the developer behind God of War, revealed some new items that are going up for pre-order to celebrate the game's two-year anniversary. The first item is the God of War: Lore and Legends tome. This hardcover tome recreates Atreus' journal from the game, with expanded lore from the title's world. The book chronicles the adventure that Atreus and his father Kratos took through the fabled Nine Realms. The book also comes with a bestiary that was assembled during that adventure, as well as dossiers of the characters that inhabit the game's world, and more. The book will set buyers back $34.99, and will release in September. You can pre-order the book here

The second item that is being released later this year is a life-size Norse Kratos bust. The bust stands at 25 inches. The bust is will be made by Gaming Heads, and was crafted using in-game files with the finer details being painted by hand. The bust will cost collectors $799.99, with only 500 being made. The bust will include deluxe, full-color packaging, a hand numbered base and a validation card that allows collectors to purchase the same edition number of future releases of Gaming Head's God of War collection. The bust can be ordered here. No shipping date was released. 

The final item that is going up for pre-order is a poster featuring the Valkyries. The poster features Kratos and Atreus surrounded by The Council of Valkyries, with Sigrun, the Queen of the Valkyries, standing in the center. The poster will be hand-numbered. The poster will cost $50.00, and will release this Summer. The poster's dimensions are 18" x 24". It can be pre-ordered here

God of War is available now for the PlayStation 4. 

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