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Rocket League Is Holding a Modes of May Event

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A number of past Limited Time Modes are coming back to Rocket League in May for a special event. 

The Modes of May event has been announced for Rocket League. Beginning on May 1st, a number of Limited Time Modes from the game's past will be available for a weekend. The four modes are Dropshot Rumble, Beach Ball, Boomer Ball, and Heatseeker. 

The first mode in the event will be Dropshot Rumble, which will be available from May 1st through May 4th. The second mode, Beach ball, will be playable from May 7th through May 11th. The third weekend will run from May 14th through May 18th, and will feature fan-favorite Boomer Ball. The final weekend will begin on May 21st, and will last until May 26th. The mode for that weekend will be Heatseeker. 

Dropshot Rumble combines the two modes Dropshot and Rumble. Players still have to create holes in the floor of the arena to drop the ball into instead of shooting into a goal, but will get the power-ups that were found in Rumble mode. Beach Ball mode is a 2v2 game where the ball floats and curves much like a beach ball. Boomer Ball is a community favorite where the ball is super fast, light, and bouncy. Developer Psyonix stated that they will give more information on the mode as we get closer to its debut weekend. Finally, Heatseeker is a 3v3 mode where the ball will seek the opposing net once it has been hit. If the ball misses and hits the backboard, it will fire back towards the opposite goal. Every time the ball is hit or touches a backboard, it gains speed. The team that reaches seven goals first wins. 

Rocket League is available now for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and the Nintendo Switch. 

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