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The Last of Us Part II is Receiving a New Trailer

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We now know when we will get our next look at the upcoming The Last of Us Part II

On Twitter it was announced that a new trailer for The Last of Us Part II will drop today. The announcement came from the game's developer Naughty Dog themselves. In the tweet, we hear protagonist Ellie say "I have to finish it." We then hear Joel, the protagonist of the first game, say "There's a cost." 

The trailer is dropping soon after it was announced that The Last of Us Part II has gone gold. The announcement that the game is now gold comes a month ahead of its release. On YouTube, Naughty Dog game director announced that the upcoming game is now ready for printing and distribution. He congratulates the team behind the title for finishing what he calls the "most ambitious game we've ever made." 

Last week The Last of Us Part II was given a June release date after having been delayed. In order to make room for The Last of Us Part II, another PlayStation 4 exclusive, Ghost of Tsushima, was pushed back to July.

Last week also saw a leak of the story for The Last of Us Part II. Soon after the leak made its rounds throughout the internet, Naughty Dog released the following statement:

"We know the last few days have been incredibly difficult for you. We fee the same. It's disappointing to see the release and sharing of pre-release footage from development. Do your best to avoid spoilers and we ask that you don't spoil it for others."

The Last of Us Part II will release for the PlayStation 4 on June 9th. The game was originally meant to release this month, but was delayed due to circumstances surrounding the ongoing pandemic of COVID-19. 

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