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Heartfelt Indie A Fold Apart Coming to Xbox and PS4 Next Week

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A Fold Apart, the 2D papercraft puzzler about long-distance relationships, is coming to Xbox One and PS4 on May 19 following its launch elsewhere a few weeks ago.

A Fold Apart tells the story of long-distance lovers who go through the ups and downs of such a relationship as they work to close the geographical gap. 

The game uses papercraft puzzles to - ahem - unfold its story and lets players determine what kind of pair serve as the stories stars, with four different avatars to mix and match. It originally launched into Apple Arcade and on Switch last month and earned an OpenCritic average of 82 from 21 critics, giving it a "Strong" rating. 

A Fold Apart features more than 50 puzzle sequences that play out using the folded paper mechanic while also cleverly including text message gameplay - often their own form of puzzles in real life too. Alongside the new console landing spots for the puzzler, some quality of life fixes will arrive on all platforms. 

After several years in development, its launch coincided with a time of real-life physical and social distancing due to the pandemic, and now it's taken on extra meaning.

A Fold Apart comes from Lightning Rod Games which is committed to emotionally engaging games and "creating family-friendly entertainment that touches the hearts and minds of players of all ages." A Fold Apart is the studio's debut game.

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