Mario Kart Tour Adds Team Races and More

Mario Kart Tour Adds Team Races and More

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Mario Kart Tour, the free to play mobile racer on iOS and Android, is getting new Team Races and more in an update. 

Team Races give players the chance to team up with friends locally, online, or other players online in a new eight-player mode that pits four teams of two against each other. In Team Race, teammates are immune from friendly fired power-ups, so there's no need to worry about where your red shell may make its impact - it'll always be on the competition.

Room Codes are another new feature that arrives in time for the friends or families practicing social distancing together. With Room Codes, players can create local lobbies for others to join together in one big session for up to eight (likely quarantined) players. Both of these features are now available for anyone who downloads Mario Kart Tour or has already done so.

Mario Kart Tour is the latest mobile game Nintendo likes to call "free to start," which means it contains optional purchases. In this case, players can jump in for free or pay to unlock 200cc mode in single player and Gold Race in multiplayer with a Mario Kart Tour Gold Pass subscription for "faster speeds and even tougher opponents."

There's even a $4.99 per month subscription for the game, which gifts players with more rewards like special badges and in-game gold gifts for playing in tours. You'll need a Nintendo account to sign into the game before playing if you're new to Mario Kart Tour.

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