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Enchanting Co-op Game Drake Hollow Hits Xbox and PC in July

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Drake Hollow was revealed last winter at X019 and today it's been given a launch date. Find it on Xbox and PC in just a few weeks. It arrives on July 17, an already busy day that also plays host to Ghost of Tsushima and Paper Mario: The Origami King.

In Drake Hollow, players team up to defend The Hollow from feral beasts out to destroy and devour the enchanted forest, home to the Drakes. Its described by its creators as a cooperative action village-building game. In it, players must provide shelter, food, water, and even entertainment for the Drakes, as they can die in a number of ways, including boredom.

To fight back, players can use a number of unorthodox weapons, including nail guns and tennis rackets. The Drakes you rescue will bring new skills and buffs to your communal forest, which is meant to imagine a fantasy version of New England, the stomping grounds of the team behind the game, The Molasses Flood.

Drake Hollow marks the second game for The Molasses Flood following the team's debut, The Flame in the Flood, which earned "Strong" marks from 89 critics, averaging a 75 overall. The Molasses Flood is comprised of former BioShock, Rock Band, and other Boston-area developers who formed the studio amid a shifting dev scene in the region. If you've yet to catch the game in action, you can check out its reveal trailer from the end of last year.


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