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Metroid Prime Trilogy Coming Next Month According to Store Listing

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Metroid Prime Trilogy arrives on June 19 for Nintendo Switch - assuming we can trust a recently updated store listing.

On the Swedish retailer website Inet, the Metroid Prime Trilogy store page has been given a slight adjustment. Its release date now includes a date of June 19, which would put it on a crash course with The Last of Us Part 2, but the two games would seem to have quite different audiences anyway.

The listing remains up now, some hours since it was first updated, and it could certainly be a new placeholder. However, given Nintendo's newfound penchant for skipping the Directs and revealing new games out of nowhere - like the recent Paper Mario sequel - we're inclined to wonder if an announcement is imminent. 

It should also be made clear that the Metroid Prime Trilogy hasn't been officially unveiled at all, so if a release date reveal is coming, it will be alongside confirmation that the game exists in the first place. It's been credibly rumored for many months, though, and would be in line with Nintendo's focused efforts to re-release much of its back catalog. None of this addresses the still in-limbo Metroid Prime 4, but that's sadly a topic the publisher hasn't touched in a long time.

The last wrinkle that would be noteworthy in this whole saga is the release date. As mentioned, a June 19 launch would sit Metroid Prime Trilogy alongside The Last of Us Part 2. If that sounds daunting, July's slate should prove Nintendo isn't afraid to launch its own major projects alongside Sony's. On July 17, both Ghost of Tsushima from PlayStation and Paper Mario: The Origami King will hit stores. 


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