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Industry Insiders Strongly Hint at Star Wars: Maverick Reveal for Next Week

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EA's Star Wars Project Maverick appears set to be unveiled next week. The suspicion comes following a Redditor's red-string-and-corkboard theory proves all too likely to be the ramblings of a wishcasting fan. 

Following its key art leak on the PlayStation Store back end, fans have speculated as to what Project Maverick may be, with its codename and art suggesting some sort of space combat-centric game. Those suspicions align well with the rest of the timeline. Here's how all the evidence comes together according to user gregthorntree on Reddit.  

Venture Beat's Jeff Grubb has been teasing the reveal of a "Mel Gibson picture" for a while now, and though some fans took this to mean a Mad Max game sequel was on the way, Gibson starred in the 1994 film Maverick. After an EA Motive tweet from yesterday, Bloomberg's Jason Schreier teased a reveal and confirmed the team is working on a Star Wars game. Jeff Grubb later replied to that tweet with a Maverick GIF. All of this points to June 2 because that's the day on which Grubb says the "Mel Gibson picture" will be revealed.

It's some good sleuthing for sure, and seems to add up to a new Star Wars game reveal next week. Schreier previously referred to this project as one of two new games EA is working on with the Star Wars license, alongside a Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order  sequel at Respawn.

EA's history with the all-important license has been marred by cancellations and controversy, like the pay-to-win fiasco that initially sank Star Wars Battlefront 2. Following Fallen Order's massive success - the game recently eclipsed 10 million units sold and earned favorable reviews on OpenCritic - the publisher must be hoping to turn the narrative around to something more positive. We'll have to see if next week's presumed Maverick reveal continues the upward trajectory for the EA and Star Wars marriage.

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