PAX Australia Is Canceled, PAX West Still Up in the Air

PAX Australia Is Canceled, PAX West Still Up in the Air

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Amid continuing concerns over COVID-19, PAX Australia has been canceled, the event's organizers have announced in an expected statement. The group implied the typically safe atmosphere they like to create for expo attendees just didn't going to happen in 2020.

"Our thoughts are with our PAX community and everyone who helps us to deliver this incredible event each year. The aim since the beginning has always been to put on the best possible version of PAX Aus, provide a safe space for our community to gather, share our passion with each other and create new and lasting memories with those who matter to you most. We have been working hard with our partners and exhibitors to explore all viable options but with our desire to bring you the best PAX Aus ever, the next edition of PAX Aus will now take place in 2021."

The organizers mentioned finding "new and exciting ways to connect you and the PAX community with your favourite content and creators" and teased more information on their social channels in the weeks ahead. That seems to imply some version of PAX Australia will live online.

The strange part is PAX Australia was set to occur from October 9 to 11 in Melbourne, Australia, but PAX West, currently scheduled for a month earlier in Seattle, Washington - the earliest hotspot for COVID activity in the US - remains booked for now. 

In April, those organizers said that they will do what's in the best interest of everyone's safety but added "actions already taken by our convention center and local government have left us optimistic." Currently, there seems to be no possible way PAX West could occur safely in early September as scheduled, and we strongly expect the show to be canceled, postponed, or moved online in some fashion. 

COVID-19 numbers are flaring up all across the US with few exceptions. Some regions are even setting new milestones with regard to confirmed cases in a day. We were once worried of a second wave that might hit later this year, but we're still in the midst of the first wave. PAX West will likely be canceled soon.

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