New NPC From Hollow Knight: Silksong Revealed

New NPC From Hollow Knight: Silksong Revealed

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We finally got a snippet of information for Hollow Knight: Silksong after quite some time. 

On the Hollow Knight Discord server, a series of riddles were posted, along with a locked .zip file. Diligent members of the Discord server have solved the riddles, and received the password "huntress." Once unlocked, the .zip file contained an image, description, and GIF of a new character, likely named The Huntress. Details for Silksong have been released rather slowly, so this is NPC reveal is a breath of fresh air. The image and GIF can be found on Silksong's subreddit, along with the following description:

"SSSppiiiderr, Your ssstench is strange yet similar... Have you come bearing the organs of others? Or would you offer your own? Gift your sshell's warm insidess as ssweet feast for my brood'sss birth-meal?" 

A towering old predator, awaiting her children to come. Though her attention is fixed on her task, she seems to know much about the waning state of the Pharloom, scorning the Citadel above and the hapless pilgrims that make their ascent towards it. 

Hollow Knight: Silksong was revealed last year, and was meant to be a DLC expansion for the original title. However, the expansion became ambitious enough to serve as its own title. In the game, players take control of the lethal hunter Hornet, and journey to all-new lands. There they will discover new powers, battle hordes of of bugs and beasts, and uncover ancient secrets tied to her nature and past. 

Silksong will grant players a whole new suite of deadly moves to use against their foes. The game will have a number of quests to dig into, including solving ancient mysteries and searching for lost treasure. There will be over 150 new enemies, as well as the Silk Soul Mode, which will test player's skills in a new mode that spins the game into a unique and challenging experience. Hollow Knight's composer, Christopher Larkin, will return to score Silksong's soundtrack. 

Hollow Knight: Silksong is set to release for PC and the Nintendo Switch. 

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