What to Expect from EA Play Live 2020 - Watch Here with OpenCritic

What to Expect from EA Play Live 2020 - Watch Here with OpenCritic

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The next Not E3 presentation is today, June 18, at 4 Pacific. EA Play Live 2020 is an all-digital version of EA's annual summer showcase, and this year alongside the publisher's large cache of sports titles, we can expect news on a new Star Wars game plus at least a few surprises. Here's how to watch and what to expect during the show.

How to watch EA Play Live 2020

This year's digital event will take place on EA's official streaming channels. You can follow along beginning at 4 pm Pacific on either Twitch or YouTube.

Or you can watch it right here with us using this live link.


What to expect at EA Play Live 2020

What's been confirmed so far is a short list, but we can make some reasonable inferences as well, and maybe sneak in a few wishes while we're at it.

Star Wars: Squadrons - EA has already revealed the new dogfighting game set in the Star Wars universe, but today we'll see a good chunk of gameplay. The project comes from EA Motive, who previously helped out with the Star Wars Battlefront series. The game is said to include a single-player story but it's likely the 5v5 online modes are where the heart of the project lies.

EA Sports catalog - EA will never let a summer showcase come and go without talking about its sports sims, and this year is no different. Fresh off its best year ever, we can expect a good dose of Madden NFL 21 as well as FIFA 21 and maybe some NHL 21 too. EA is taking another year off of basketball, it seems. One rumor has suggested a UFC 4 is set to debut as well, which would fall in line with new games in the series coming in alternating years.

Dragon Age - Following the lackluster launch of Anthem, EA seemingly rushed a trailer for its next Dragon Age game to quell the fears of BioWare fans wondering if the studio had been permanently reshaped for the worse. We've seen nothing since then, as EA implied we would not. But it's been long enough that it seems like we could get an update.

EA Originals - EA's "indie" label has been a hit since it began with Unravel in 2016. Since then, we've seen more smaller-scale games like A Way Out , Sea of Solitude, and Fe launch with EA's assistance. Though nothing has been revealed yet, Josef Fares of Hazelight, the team behind A Way Out, said to expect a short teaser for his next game today. Could we see more than one Original at the show? It wouldn't be the first time, so look for EA Originals to get its own section of the show today.

Apex Legends - EA's biggest moneymaker right now is Respawn's free to play hero royale, and you'd be wrong to think it won't be featured prominently during the show. Maybe it's a new mode, or new seasonal content, but some way and somehow, Apex will appear today. Book it.

Mass Effect Trilogy Remastered - Conflicting reports say this game may or may not appear today, but we are all but assured it's real after industry insider Jeff Grubb has said so a few times now. It's the project fans have been wanting for nearly a decade, especially after Andromeda didn't carry the torch so proudly. Fingers crossed for it showing up today.

Other Surprises - Even if the show was all of the things above, we expect EA to have a surprise or two up its sleeve. The oft-maligned studio remains an indomitable force in the industry, and with the power and money EA has, even cynics hope for them to use it well. Today could be a showcase of EA making smart moves and delighting fans. We'll know starting at 4 pm Pacific.  

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