Dirt 5 Will Launch in October and It's Playable in Four-Player Couch Co-op

Dirt 5 Will Launch in October and It's Playable in Four-Player Couch Co-op

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Following its reveal at May's Xbox Series X showcase, Dirt 5 will be launching this fall on Xbox One and PS4, with next gen versions to follow in the future. The current gen version will launch on October 9, making it one of the first game to be given a firm release date of post-September.

Dirt 5''s career mode is led by two familiar voices in games, though they've not done much in the racing space until now. Troy Baker and Nolan North will star as two of the main characters in the game's more focused story mode. With 130+ events spanning five chapters, Codemasters said they wanted to push the idea of what a racing game storyline could be. The result has meant attaching two of the biggest names in the industry to their racing game.

In this new developer diary made in at-home conditions (as evidenced by everyone sitting in their living rooms in front of webcams), the team at Codies as well as Baker and North discuss what it means to try and deliver a true story experience in a series which has historically not cared much to try. 

The story will take place around the world and features real-life brands waiting to sign players to sponsorships. One of the coolest features is how Dirt 5's career mode allows for local co-op for up to four players. Codemasters explained a bit more of how this will work. "This option is available for all multi-car challenges with additional drivers replacing Al-controlled vehicles. With the highest finishing position counting towards the player’s career, it’s a great way to boost Stamps and help players progress."

Dirt 5 launches on October 9 for Xbox One, PS4, and PC, with next gen console editions in development. Codemasters will share more on those versions at a later date. 


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