More Details Emerge on the Unannounced Harry Potter RPG

More Details Emerge on the Unannounced Harry Potter RPG

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Warner Bros.' yet to be revealed Harry Potter RPG is still on track to release next year, according to people close to the project. 

Speaking anonymously with Bloomberg's Jason Schreier, people familiar with the upcoming game's development have cast Lumos on the game, saying its marketing roadmap had shifted at least once in recent months, and despite some other issues, like J.K. Rowling's now complicated relationship with her fans, and a potential sale of the publishing label, the game is meant to be revealed sometime after August. 

It's in development at Avalanche Software, the team that worked on Cars 3 and Disney Infinity, and not to be confused with Avalanche Studios, the creators of Just Cause and Mad Max.

Originally the game was set to premiere at WB Games' first-ever E3 showcase this month alongside other games such as the WB Montreal's Batman game we've yet to see confirmed but definitely exists. After E3 was canceled, the publisher moved the reveal to an unknown time after the DC FanDome event in August, which is now where the Batman game will make its debut.

The title is said to be an open-world RPG set in Rowling's Wizarding World, but according to leaked footage from 2018, it may not focus on the titular hero himself. That makes sense, as readers are with Harry for his entire life at Hogwarts. Instead, a new story will emerge featuring custom witches and wizards made by the player.

People close to the project say that despite the potential sale of Warner Bros. Interactive and Rowling's inflammatory comments about the trans community's place in feminism, the game is on track to launch late next year. Those same people assured Bloomberg Rowling has little direct involvement, though it remains to be seen how many of her fans will reject the game based on her recent behavior.

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