Mountaintop Studios Is a New Team Focused on Diverse, Remote, Anti-Crunch Practices

Mountaintop Studios Is a New Team Focused on Diverse, Remote, Anti-Crunch Practices

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With developers from Naughty Dog, Epic, Respawn, and more, Mountaintop Studios has been created as a new game dev team looking to set a new example for the industry.

The team at Mountaintop is led by Oculus co-founder Nate Mitchell, Double Fine COO Matt Hansen,  former Naughty Dog dev Rich Lyons, and former Hidden Path CCO/co-founder Mark Terrano. Together, their intent is to staff up to about 50 developers for a game they're not yet ready to talk about.

The most interesting aspect of Mountaintop is its intent on remodeling the typical practices of game studios. The team is committed to an anti-crunch, diverse, and distributed work flow. That means they want to hire people from all backgrounds and not overwork them like so many major game studios have become infamous for in recent years.

In their press release, the team even began with a message in support of Black Lives Matter, delivering the below statement.

Black lives matter. We never expected to be announcing this project during such an important global movement. We do not tolerate racism of any kind, and we stand with the Black Lives Matter community against institutionalized racism, police violence, and injustice.

The team is staffing up right now and interested people of all backgrounds are encouraged to apply. The job will be remote, so as to not limit the pool of applicants to the typical hubs of game development, such as pricey San Francisco or Montreal. It will likely be a while before we hear anything about Mountaintop, but it seems they have their priorities - and pedigree - in line for something intriguing.

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