Shadow Warrior 3 Revealed, More Details to Come at Devolver Direct

Shadow Warrior 3 Revealed, More Details to Come at Devolver Direct

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With tongue firmly in cheek, developer Flying Wild Hog has today revealed by way of a "corporately mandated" teaser, with more to come this weekend.

After accidentally releasing an ancient and catastrophic dragon from its enchanted prison, Lo Wang and his newfound sidekick Orochi Zilla must track down the beast and put the proverbial genie back in the bottle. 

Shadow Warrior as a series is a bit like DOOM but with an aesthetic all of its own. See the fast gunplay and unique setting for yourself in the new teaser trailer below.

The game is promised to still maintain the series' staples like fast-paced gunplay sequences, razor-sharp melee combat, and spectacular free-running movement, but will add new elements such as a grappling hook to the series for the first time. 

The next spotlight for Shadow Warrior 3 will come this weekend on July 11. Publisher Devolver Digital will host its latest and historically irreverent Devolver Direct on Saturday at noon Pacific via the Twitch Gaming channel. It will be just one of many games given the weirdest spotlight of the summer, alongside others such as Fall Guys, a colorful game show-like battle royale starring customizable characters..

Both of the previous games in the series earned "Strong" marks on OpenCritic, with the first Shadow Warrior garnering a 76 average from 24 critics, while the sequel, Shadow Warrior 2, was assessed by a much larger pool of 80 reviewers and did slightly better with a 77 average. 

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