EA Details the Starships Players Will Use in Star Wars: Squadrons

EA Details the Starships Players Will Use in Star Wars: Squadrons

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We now have details on the ships that players will use in Star Wars: Squadrons

On the Star Wars: Squadrons website, EA gave details on the different star ship that players will be utilizing in the flight simulator. The ships have been separated into four different classes, with one ship in that class for both factions. The first class is the Fighter-class. The X-wing and TIE fighter make up this class. These ships are some of the most balanced. They are good for dogfighting, are agile, and can take a hit, making them flexible ships that can be used for any situation. They typically do not excel in one specific area like other starfighters, but are great for an all-purpose playstyle. 

After the Fighter-class comes the Interceptor-class ships, which are made for dogfighting. These ships have fast lasers and speed, but cannot take as much of a hit as the Fighter-class. These ships deal more damage than they can take, making them useful for hit-and-fade tactics, as well as picking off enemy ships. The A-wing and TIE interceptor make up the Interceptor-class. 

The third type of starfighters are the Bomber-class. This class is composed of the Y-wing and TIE bomber. While these ships are slow, they can take a lot damage and deal out more. These are the ships that players will want when it comes time to do bombing runs on capital ships and their accompanying cruisers. While they may not be as fast as other starfighters, Bomber-class ships can hold their own in a dogfight and can take down enemy ships faster than others. This makes them ideal frontline fighters. 

The final type of starfighter are the Support-class ships. These ships are dedicated to keeping their allies alive by resupplying and repairing them, and are suited for for building out defensive and offensive capabilities. Support-class fighters can use a tractor beam to stop or slow enemy ships, drop mines, and deploy turrets to bring some additional firepower. While they are less agile than other classes and don't deal as much damage, they are great at supporting their squadron. The U-wing and TIE reaper make up the Support-class. 

Details on another feature for Star Wars: Squadrons were detailed: power management. This system allows players to divert power to a particular subsystem: engines, lasers, and shields. While having balanced power will usually get the job done, there will be times when players will want to prioritize one system over the others. Raising the power diverted to one system will will increase its efficiency, while lowering the power of a system will do the opposite. Players can choose between a basic, simplified power management system, or a more advanced one that allows them to more precisely control how much power goes to each subsystem. 

Diverting power to the engines will increase the speed of ships, while diverting power to the lasers will help them recharge much faster. Putting more power into the shields will also allow them to recharge faster. For starfighters that do not have shields, players can choose to rapidly divert all power from one part of the ship to another. However, constantly having one of the ship's power systems maxed out is not always the best move. If a player has their lasers at full power, they will likely be moving slower and will have weaker shields. Players will want to manage their power balance regularly to fit the situation that they are in. 

Players will also have to monitor their ship's health. A ship's health will not regenerate automatically like shields will. However, there are ways to repair a ship. Astromechs and repair systems can help heal a ship, as will returning to a hanger. Starfighters will also have to resupply some components, which can be done by flying into a hanger or under an allied cruiser. Support-class fighters can both heal and resupply ships on the go. 

Star Wars: Squadrons will release for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on October 2nd. There has been no word on whether or not the game will come to the PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X. 

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