Sea of Thieves Crosses the 15 Million Player Milestone

Sea of Thieves Crosses the 15 Million Player Milestone

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A little over two years since it launched and just six months after clearing 10 million players, Sea of Thieves has now crossed the 15 million player milestone.

On Xbox Wire, executive producer Joe "Three Sheets" Neate shared Rare's glory as the fastest-growing new IP for Xbox of the generation. He also noted how it was only in January when the game surpassed 10 million players.

That stretch of 5 million players in the first half of 2020 makes the half-year more successful than all of 2019, which itself was more successful than all of 2018 when the game launched in March of that year.

Last month – June 2020 – was also the biggest month so far for Sea of Thieves in terms of active players, with more than 3.3M players setting sail. A contributing factor to this growth has been our recent launch on Steam. We’ve been blown away by the support we’ve seen from the Steam community, with over 1M copies of the game having been sold so far and the game regularly appearing in the top selling and most played games charts.

It seems there's no slowing Sea of Thieves, and while many expect Rare's new IP Everwild, to make an appearance at this week's Xbox Games Showcase, that game is being built by a second team within Rare, so the pirate crew is likely still full-sail on the successful Xbox IP.

For more on Xbox games, tune in this Thursday, July 23 with us for the Xbox Games Showcase. The digital event begins at 9 am Pacific.

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