Call of Duty Warzone Map Changes are Coming with Season 5

Call of Duty Warzone Map Changes are Coming with Season 5

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When Call of Duty Warzone shifts to its new season in a few weeks, it will bring with it a geographic makeover, including at least one major new addition.

First reported by VGC earlier this month, rumors of a loot-filled train have now seemingly been confirmed by a new teaser for Call of Duty Warzone Season 5. The teaser, first published on the Twitch channel for NICKMERCS, suggests the train rumor was legitimate, which thus gives credence to some other changes reported by insatiable scoopsperson Andy Robinson at VGC. 

Robinson reported on July 2 that the map would also finally expand on the stadium region, with development of the interior finally coming to the game. No longer will you and your squad just have to run around the outside circle of it anymore. Soon, you should be able to head inside, grab an overpriced pretzel, and come in 33rd place.

The game's very meta mystery has been leading toward some sort of Cold War-related content since the introduction of bunkers and eventually a numbers station much like that seen in the original Black Ops. Now that it seems all but confirmed the next Call of Duty is set during the Cold War, Warzone's ongoing teases are intended to eventually reveal the game's makeover to get more in line with the retro era.

Warzone is also looking like a lock to be included in the next Call of Duty, despite it being an Infinity Ward game and this year's sequel will be handled by Treyarch. We've discovered The Red Door, and some have even gone inside. It seems like the arrival of Season 5 will bring with it the biggest news drop the series has had since Warzone arrived in March. 

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