Today's Sea of Thieves Update, Ashen Winds, Has Been Delayed

Today's Sea of Thieves Update, Ashen Winds, Has Been Delayed

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Today was meant to be the day of the latest Sea of Thieves monthly update, however, citing some technical reasons, Rare has decided to hold off on the update, but maybe not for long.

Rare first revealed Ashen Winds publicly in last week's Sea of Thieves News video. The update introduces a new enemy encounter, loot type, and weapon all through the same vessel of new enemy skeletons to defeat. Doing so will net players their lucrative skulls to sell, but these skulls double as flamethrower-like weapons as well.

The catch is, the more you use it as a flamethrower, the less valuable it will be when you go to sell it to the Order of Souls. Players will have to decide where the skulls derive their power - in the purse or in their punch.

The Ashen Winds content was set to go live today after regularly scheduled maintenance, but that maintenance, and thus the new update, has been delayed. When this has happened before, it's sometimes meant new content was moved to a new day, but sometimes it's meant only the difference of a few hours, so we'll need to wait and see what it means this time.

The update will also include some touch-ups to hit registration aboard ships as well as new accessibility options, all of which you can find previewed in the latest monthly Sea of Thieves News video here.

While part of Rare continues working hard on Sea of Thieves, it's expected we'll see the studio's new IP, Everwild, at tomorrow's Xbox Games Showcase.

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