More Leaks Confirm the Name of Call of Duty 2020

More Leaks Confirm the Name of Call of Duty 2020

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Call of Duty is heading back to the past this fall with Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. That news comes following a string of teases, leaks, and reports that are now undeniable.

The latest leak comes via Doritos marketing of all places, where bags of chips including the game's name have been spotted online ahead of their spot on store shelves. This lead Eurogamer to investigate further and eventually confirm with its sources that Call of Duty 2020 is, in fact, led by Treyarch and returning to the Black Ops series just two years after the last game in the subseries.

Though Activision declined to comment, Eurogamer sounds quite sure, and given that it corroborates previous rumors, we're just as certain. The only question now is when will it be revealed? Call of Duty has usually been revealed long before July, and now we're nearly into August without the debut. 

One reason for that could be because of the game's rumored tumult. Jason Schreier, then of Kotaku, reported that the game was being co-developed by Sledgehammer and Raven, but when the two teams didn't mingle properly, Activision handed control over to Treyarch to salvage the project.

This year's game is expected to have a story mode, unlike the most recent Black Ops 4. It's also understood that Warzone will  play a role in the game by coming included with it and recreating much of the map to resemble the new Cold War setting. That would imply dated weapons and tactics, but time will tell just how the developers plan to implement all of that.

With mysterious bunkers in Warzone currently leading up to an unveiling, we aren't far off now from the proper debut of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War.

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