Surprise! Cuphead is on PS4, The Delicious Last Course DLC Still to Come

Surprise! Cuphead is on PS4, The Delicious Last Course DLC Still to Come

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Studio MDHR's punishing but beloved game Cuphead has surprisingly launched on PS4, with the Ms. Chalice DLC, The Delicious Last Course, still to come.

The listing first appeared last night on PS4 for the first time, while on other platforms such as the Microsoft Store, The Delicious Last Course DLC was listed as "available now," even though it wasn't. That indicated the DLC would surprise us with a launch this morning, but instead Studio MDHR says that DLC is coming soon to all platforms.

The DLC will add new levels and a third character, the titular Ms. Chalice, alongside Cuphead and Mugman who are back at it again for another controller-breaking marathon. A free update to the Xbox version is also coming which will add the soundtrack, commentary, a digital art gallery, and more.

Cuphead was once thought to never move to PS4. It was even reported as such by at least one outlet. But four years after the game's original launch on Xbox and PC, it has arrived on PS4 after all, to usher in a whole new era of YouTube fans, speedrunners, and rage-quitters. Seriously, folks. The game is brutal. Good luck out there!

Cuphead earned extremely high praise from most outlets during its original run. 170 critics on OpenCritic gave it an average score of 88, leaving it as one of the highest-rated games of its calendar year. Overall, it was recommended by 91% of critics, all of whom praised the game for its unrivaled art design in recapturing the aesthetic of a 1920s cartoon. The game brings that art, plus the famously brutal boss battles and co-op gameplay to PS4 today, in addition to the DLC going live everywhere. 

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