Rhythm Shooter BPM: Bullets Per Minute Hits PC In Just a Few Weeks

Rhythm Shooter BPM: Bullets Per Minute Hits PC In Just a Few Weeks

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BPM: Bullets Per Minute made a splash when it was revealed earlier this summer, and if you count yourself among those anticipating the rhythm FPS, you don't have to wait much longer to play it.

BPM will launch on PC on September 15 with console ports coming some time after. Bullets Per Minute is described as "a rock opera FPS roguelike with relentless rhythm." Players explore randomly generated dungeons with the goal of eliminating bosses and their minions to the beat of a killer soundtrack.

There’s no doubt we were inspired by the retro shooters from when we were growing up when putting BPM: Bullets Per Minute together, but we think the game’s unashamed slave-to-the-rhythm ethic gives it a fresh feel and an added edge,” said Awe Interactive founder David Jones. “It’s that sweet spot between giving gamers a taste of the supreme shooters they loved when they were young, but also offering them something that genuinely pushes the boundaries of the genres the game straddles.”

The end result is something akin to Harmonix inheriting the Doom franchise. You can see it for yourself in the new trailer that came alongside release date news.

BPM: Bullets Per Minute will launch first on Steam before moving to Xbox One and PS4 thereafter. 

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