Shakes on a Plane Brings the Chaos of Overcooked to the Skies

Shakes on a Plane Brings the Chaos of Overcooked to the Skies

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Shakes on a Plane has been revealed by Huu Games and Assemble Entertainment, bringing the familiar co-op chaos of games such as Overcooked to a new setting. Shakes on a Plane pits teams of up to four players as flight attendants servicing busy cabins of airline passengers. 

Already a startling proposition in the times of COVID, Shakes on a Plane will focus on the time management gameplay of other games in the genre where players must work cohesively to succeed... which usually means lot of hilarious failure. The game will launch this November 12 on PC and Switch.

You can see the reveal trailer below.

“We are thrilled to add Shakes on a Plane to our expanding roster of truly unique titles,” said Assemble Entertainment CEO Stefan Marcinek. “It’s got the perfect touch of humor common in many of our games, along with a compelling storyline perfect for anyone craving something more offbeat. We’re anxious to get this into the hands of simulation fans and casual players alike!” 

In a press release, the team behind the game said Shakes on a Plane will  "encourages coordination and teamwork with intuitive controls and easy-to-learn, difficult-to-master gameplay mechanics." That's precisely the appeal of games like it, such as Overcooked, Tools Up, and Moving Out. If Shakes on a Plane can capture that same are-you-kidding-me co-op factor, it'll be a hit.

Shakes on a Plane arrives (or takes off?) on November 12.



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